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Bitvig Studio is a dynamic software solution for music production and performance to meet all your musical ideas at every stage of production. Sound design and music production, discover a new standard in personal workflow. Bitvig studio inspires you to take greater control over their production, so you can access to every aspect of your work, if necessary. Optimize the creative process and quick to complete your music from idea poems, songs and compositions. With Bitvig Studio, you are in command of the process that works best for you.

Changes in Bitvig Studio


NEW Integration-he of the preset browser and a tray U-stored on the device and pop-up browser.

Tangible effects start at exactly the time when the recording ends sometimes played, but I can not.

BASIC clips that many notes very reluctant to choose when selecting tracks are on the processor.

FIXED Note picture is wrong to note that begins in one hand and respect.

Fixed a text editor calculates the position of the cursor as a string starts with blanks.

FIXED motor falling when the switch is in the second project before the end of load plug-ins in the current project.

Fixed random application crashes on OSX.

Solid Open Directory Contains a VST plugin on Mac lead to mistakes.

FIXED If arranger Automation edit footage, created a lot of trails automation event at the end of the recording.

FIXED Can not assign predetermined thrown VST plugin in Studio Bitvig default mapping (browser).

FIXED regression: Possible feedback that in some cases, due to recent changes in the PDC

FIXED controller API: Create the cursor device back to zero when there is no argument.

FIXED regression: pay attention to the end of the pixel to be painted to be.

establishes drag Boolean clip automation app numerical automation accident.

FIXED When the filter replacement supplement Popping browser and a set of other device, and then OK 2 pressure device is inserted into the chain.

Higher standard adjustment quantization should instead be adapted Editor Network 16th

Better libraries during the next start of the application.

Advanced Search ffprobe / ffmpeg or avprobe / avconf on Linux.

added MPE Pitch Control adjustment range scripts and send the field on the right channel: Enhanced Roles Searbord growth.

Improve categories Improved detection of U-Presets on the basis of the guide, it has been found in the.

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Bitwig Studio v1

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