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If you ever dreamed about taking control of your own car, and then test drive autobusu.Bus Driver simulator fun surprisingly job of is to transport passengers around an environment in town. Your task is to keep time while obeying traffic rules and make sure not to disturb or injure the passengers. The bus driver is all about realism. However, there are games that are not as such, but there are five skill different, and receive bonuses for the observance of the rules of traffic and to schedule itpIstnieje five buses to the environment, city to city, 30 routes and a variety of weather I schedule different during the day, there are different types of cars with the bus driver, such as schools, car bus travelers, tour bus, and even a prison bus transport. Around Bus environment of driving a real love in AI that “learn” from its image nawyków.Grafiki less blocky and basic and gameplay can penetrate quite some time, but for someone who supports or bus control sims in general, Bus Driver lot of fun.

Bus Driver 1

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