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Counter Strike: Global Offensive v1

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive v1
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is growing action gameplay team that this is the first time when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO shows new maps, characters, and weapons and provide updated content classic CS (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: to introduce new gameplay, couples, leader boards, and more.

Counter Strike the industry by surprise when a MOD PC action games online world almost immediately after its release in August 1999, Doug Lombardi at Valve said. Over the past 12 years, it continues to be one of the most popular game in the world, tournament news competition and sold over 25 million units worldwide in the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on the award-winning gameplay CCS ‘and deliver it to gamers on the PC and next generation consoles and;

System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better

Memory: 1GB XP / Vista, 2 GB

Hard disk: at least from space

Video: Video must be at least 256 MB and should be a DirectX 9, compatible with support for pixel shader version

Supported languages:


Brazil’s specific (GUI Only)

Bulgarian (GUI Only)

The (GUI Only)

Danish (GUI Only)

Dutch (GUI Only)

English (local full)

Finnish (GUI Only)

French (GUI only)

Germany (GUI Only)

Greece (GUI only)

Hungarian (GUI Only)

Italian (GUI Only)

Japan (GUI Only)

Korea (GUI Only)

Norwegian (GUI Only)

Poland (GUI Only)

Portugeuse (GUI Only)

Romanian (only GUI)

Russia (GUI Only)

Spanish (GUI Only)

Swedish (GUI Only)

Chinese_simp (GUI Only)

Chinese_trad (GUI Only)

Thai (GUI Only)

Turkish (GUI only)

Select the version to install !!!



Installation of the game:

After installation, launch the update.

Improved support for games:


If necessary udpating Chase … a few minutes … and that’s all – fully 🙂



; T = 1641

Current version:


Protocol No. 13 535

The EXE (csgo)

Conclusion Exe: May 24, 2016 14:36: 21 (6408) (730)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive v1

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