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Imagineer Systems Mocha PRO 4

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Imagineer Systems Mocha PRO 4
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Mocha Pro is a stand-alone tool that is optimized for visual effects and production problems.

-Planar Monitoring

-Advanced Roto create masks

Objects settlement named Clean sheets

calibration-Lens Distortion

Camera -3D Solver

-Layar Mesh Insert warper

-Pictures More stability

* New: mocha Pro tools modern for 3D stereoscopic, keyboard customizable, support for Adob ​​e Premiere, splines open, Python written in the script, support updates for a lot.


Planar Tracking:

When using other tracking fails, the user can switch on this solid track mocha. mocha planar tracking the movement of the engine following an accurate translation, scale, rotation, tilt and lens. Limit the pen reflective layer, the purpose of stunted and blurred, even in areas with low details. Module AdjustTrack and overlay tools can help resolve the monitor pixel accuracy.

Tool Roto Sophisticated:

Keyframe animation Roto make a mask. X-spline and Bezier tool designs intended for the artist to easily shape the details of the mouth. If a link to track fly mocha, Roto inherited patterns of movements and attitudes significantly reduce manual work keyframe. Tool modern for editing patterns, including the top edge of a feather, join tools, tools, transformation group layer, and make the appropriate system for rotoscoping mocha.

Delete purpose cleaner:

Removing unwanted components, cables, and labels easily track automatically. Mocha Pro Clear Module is an extraordinary alternative to traditional base and how to remove unwanted pixels, and delete objects. It automatically detects and combines pixels of another with a small number of users, providing significant time savings. Mocha Pro to import fine and be set for work and digital matte painting.

3D Camera Solver:

Security cameras for visual effects 3D. The solution can easily move 3D flying. Unlike track editing features mocha selected by the 3D camera based on the aircraft. Use simple and quick solution is ideal for growing set, text and 3D particle tracking. In addition, solver 3D can be used to help 3D, application etc. for the image complex with a resolution lower or language background material.

3D Stereoscopic:

New tool is best for the 3D stereo. Mocha Pro 4 has been updated to support 3D stereo native. This workflow new analysis of planar tracking both eyes, to reduce the migration of manual and tedious keyframe, who works in rotoscoping 3D stereoscopic, the following resolution 3D camera and the object is.

Module Lens:

Calibration, and distort the perspective right. The interface is simple and easy to use allowing users to adjust the distortion introduced by the camera lens. No distortion of the lens can be removed or is not appropriate for the compositing. Export plug-in lens mocha for After Effects, or export the data distortion for Nuke, Flame, Fusion, and other.

Treatment Code:

Smooth and jitter suppression shot camera. Keeping code can prevent movement of the camera or the stability of moving objects for visual impact and finish. A good choice for a solution to reduce high frequency concerns while preserving the original camera movement. Central, plant size stable or tape based on the user, control the plane.

Insert module

Making competition to scroll the screen to blur mesh curving or distortion. Insert module allows you to create the image on the monitor mocha Pro. Unusual distortion network is a powerful tool that allows users to insert and tighten as the non-flying. Combine with lens elements for true VFX recording distortion.

What’s new in this version:

(Release November 3, 2014 G.)

Italy -open: Now you can open slot, drawing on Lao Sin Shift + RightClick. These channels to export to After Effects and Nuke CC 2014

-EXR: We now support multiple documents, EXR

Export Nuke SplineWarp: Now we are exporting to freedom of warps, so you do not need to copy the splines Roto upon impact

Format output data HitFilm Pro 3: New for upcoming Pro Hitfilm 3 format

Save / Load 3D editing: Now you can store the information in the document resolution 3D

Also improved camera Solver 3D effect: now you can get more

Results are to include

-next / PreviousControlPointShortcuts: You can now cycle in a spline using {and}

-Python Beginning: we file to run the script begins. See manual Python for more information

-Python Improved with the addition of the Python API. See link to Python for more information.

System requirements:

Recommended requirements:

-Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Professional SP2 or later, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, about 64

Hardware Specifications Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent

Memory: 4 GB +

Drive ROM: speed disk array

Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent

Monitor LCD: 19201080 or higher

-Network: A network adapter is enabled (WiFi or Ethernet)

Minimum requirements:

-Processor: At least 1 GHz Pentium IV

Drive ROM: at least 1 GB

Memory: 1 GB or more

Graphics Card: Must support OpenGL

Monitor LCD: low resolution of 1200800 pixels

-Network: A network adapter is enabled (WiFi or Ethernet)

Imagineer Systems Mocha PRO 4

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