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Microsoft Toolkit Changelog:


-Added Mondo KMS client keys.

weekly- AutoKMS less likely to crash due to various date / time formats.


Eliminate accident due to previous settings, click the Run button.

-Handle Settings Invalid office (click Start).


Some problems -fixed x64 Office identified.


-Office 2016 Click to run on Partial support (when converted to VL).

-Office 2016 Traditional full support.

Remove Test / Keys Grace product by the EZ-Activator -fixed.

License security does not store more files.

Office Tab is a principal give a “traditional” against type “Click here” for the Office installation.

Remove -Office Uninstaller Office 2016 Click the Run button, and Office 365 editions.

Last Task Scheduler Library updated.


-Office 2016 Support (Note: Temporary – It is believed to work but fail when installed unexpected changes / Adoption Office 2016 RTM introduced).

-Windows Support 10th

Added message Licensing “Store License”. Occurs when the Windows 10 upgrade available.

-disable KMS online examination of tickets (Windows +) when activated

-disable Windows Vista It Count (not the operating system supports)

Real Backup Windows Vista due to lack

-Fixed KMS Server service on XP accident due to corrupt HWID

Improved driver TAP

Improved WinDivert Removal

-Remove And grace key experiment in the use of EZ-Activator.

-Support KMS PID 5-digit version number (EX: 10240)

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Microsoft Toolkit 2

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