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Octodad 1 06

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Octodad 1 06
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Octodad is undercover octopus, who loves her human family but has to hide his true identity. It’s pretty hard work, because the ingredients are well designed for homework! In this game it’s really fun and very strange, you need to work in front of different people without them getting suspicious that they are octopus. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to cheat, and you do not mind Octodad octopus head! You can fool all the people, and complete your secret plan? Development at DePaul University Chicago, Octodad is unlike anything you’ve played before. It has two control modes, arms and legs, which are toggled with the space bar. A and D keys let you look around, when your mouse controls Octo-limbs. Octodad fun when it comes to how awkward it is to control Octodad; While many games will be resistance, it makes you really feel Walking Octopus! not too hard, but it looks hilarious, if you control one leg at a time, wobbling around. Performing tasks such as clearing the table and your limbs are great fun, and all Octodad is infused with humor ignorance will push you over even when it gets difficult is a tricky.Octodad game, but it’s always hilarious and wonderful. When the camera angles can be improved next time, it’s like a breath of fresh air for gamers everywhere should check it out. If you are tired of shooters like Call of Duty eyes, Octodad be your savior!

Octodad 1 06

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