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Paint the Town Red Beta Preview

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Paint the Town Red Beta Preview
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Red Paint feeding fighting and action game that takes place in different places and the history of time. Your mission is simple, the rhythm breaks, kick, stab, slice and shoot everything that moves paint red script. Red Paint feeding the initial approach for the pair.

What paint to paint the town red red Miami described it as 3D-mobile phone, more cruel, and Minecraft and aesthetics. There reflexes, once, and then restart the level again and again is a key element at this level igri.Svi begins the same way: You seem normal environment and retro bar or disco. All remain fine until you decide to insult someone (someone hit, for example). Hit each other, and then everything will end up going with you. This is your time to survive! After a violent release must act quickly. If you stop, you die. If you do not use the objects around you, you are dead. If you can not improvise or adapt to the situation he is dead si.Od walk and have only two levels. However, not enough weapons, modes, if you wait for the full game, I would recommend you wait it izdanja.Njegovi graphics will not leave you indifferent. On the one hand, his style will remind you of Minecraft sympathetic. On the other hand, is blood, severed heads and relentless violence. It is surprising that hit the characters that in theory should be a monkey.

Promising nasiljeZa now, Red Paint feeding is a promising game. The final result will depend on the rest of the level to be quite diverse, so assumptions remain as an anecdote. This game has you assume the risk that interesting for a while, you will not get bored.

Paint the Town Red Beta Preview

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