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PC Cleaner Pro 2016

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PC Cleaner Pro 2016
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We believe computers are meant to speed things up, make things slower, so you have to be smarter and faster. That is why we are developing clean PC for viruses outstanding and protect against spyware and tools best PC quietly and efficiently, without slowing down your computer such as product safety and other bloated.

Key features:

– Clean Registry

Cleaner PC’s entries unused and old, including the references, ActiveX Controls ClassID, progid, uninstall Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help, paths using icons, the bad and negative.

– Increase PC performance

Best PC is the fastest way to improve your system at the same time. Cleaner PC will check your system to fit your computer operating performance in its maximum potential.

– Speed ​​up your PC

Cleaner PC enables the entire system to speed up your computer and your overall system performance. You can speed up downloads, uploads, surfing the web, and more.

– Virus + certified protection spyware

Certified Antivirus Pro is a complete system for malicious threats including scanning, viruses, spyware. rogue programs, trojans, adware, rootkit, dialers, worms, parasites and the potential harm that can be installed in your computer.

– Defense Security

Cleaner PC scan and find vulnerablities Windows system Windows. Windows Update service offered by Microsoft. Improve safety or improving important to prevent malware and vulnerabilities to exploit security.

– Make your system

By using the computer each day you will accumulate system clutter. You can significantly increase performance and stability of your computer by removing these files.

– Protect Privacy

Cleaner PC is designed to protect you by cleaning up unwanted history data on all computers that you can also endanger the theft.

– Best Internet

Cleaner PC automatically adjust to connect the Internet to surf the Internet faster, download faster and increase music, movies, games and download videos.

– Best system

PC system is the best way to quickly modify your system settings at the same time. PC Optimizer works by determining what type of computer you have and what programs you have installed. After setting the system so your computer will operate at its maximum capacity.

– Best Memory

Cleaner PC to optimize your memory and restore lost memory (RAM), space and improve system performance.

– The deal Startup

Startup Manager allows you to control which broadcast programs launched when you start your computer. You can eliminate unneeded programs to cross.

– Design Manager

This feature allows you to easily remove programs you do not want your computer.


1 Disconnect from the Internet

2. Extract and install

3. Use the key registration

4 blocks to link all the firewall or add the following documents to the host:


6. Finish

PC Cleaner Pro 2016

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