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Safari 5 1
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Apple’s, launched in the beginning, when he was accused of many things, and have a buggy version of Safari for Windows. Since then, it’s too much has changed, which, however, have come a long way, and Safari 5 with the preface, as an icon of the page from the Latin readings in a much easier, faster and just better HTML5 pages load much more excellent firmament and the firmament that was over the original features stability.All stream cover, easy to scroll through the tabs and pages administer your bookmarks ITunes sites retained Apple touchesSafari stylish leather too.Lots company’s first browser to introduce the top sites for Windows, which is one of the most eye – Safari captures. Panoramic view of the objects on the screen Top Sites shows a thumbnail of your visitation. This is not directly in the position does not come in clicks. if it were, as a rule, in the same place on a daily basis, it is suitable for the most popular sites that do not have access to a browser bookmarks, to gain access to another user. Of these regions, and for the most part you can so that you can always have a good mauris favorite site to one of the place where the castle is open during the safari visits. Sites in the corner of the star in these things with the content, so you can see that immediately, a matter that should be for all users ITunes updated.Meanwhile cover note that, in the pit, you browse your bookmarks along with a full page in speech, to be out of this place the last time, when you are viewing. ITunes is understood as flipping through an album. But it seems to be cold, it is the use of which is questionable.However, history is useful. Just enter a word and Safari Print page shows each truth in a loud voice when he – I do not remember where you saw the ad, or very useful in order to allow you to see the content of a person’s name game.Additions, all the page design to change your reader although not in the same font. There’s also a variety of Safari Safari Search Search Features include a well-locked, in the field, you are not in the hands of that little bit easier to get Google.Other Safari tabs open at the top of the head tab. You can also drag the tabs in Safari window.In in addition to other things in relation to all the standard features in Safari remain. Body posts in the forum you can get by clicking on a tag in the house, around the raw materials, the name of the time, and be able to view.Stable damaged, there is, first of all, bugs, and most of all he made a bad use of the user ’tis stable browser PC friendlySafari user friendly. it is time that you can see the support of the full screen is better, it seems, the Geolocation HTML5 HTML5 Features HTML5 is now available in more than all the easier with the help of Safari and from Safari to users.Navigating as predictive address bar that things even the web for St. when he considered it as a kind Keywords Archiving, and even more subtle and refined. Safari and Apple’s speed, stepped in and added to always be in Nitro engine, and the world, he does, the message preached much faster than the first versions.Not JavaScript is the best, but certainly slick

Firefox plug-ins are available to Safari and Chrome lacks the touch is not recognized by Safari should view Apple Mac.

Safari 5 1

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