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ShowMyPC is a computer free cooperation tool.This free, open source software in addition will allow you to see and access another computer, the screen or desktop is ideal when multiple users to view it or provide remote assistance. ShowMyPC could not be easier to use for the user to install the application on their computers. A person who wants to share their PC hits “Show My PC Now”, and a man who wants to see the hits to remote PC.ShowMyPC will generate a password, the other user will need to provide in order to gain access to your computer. You can also share a complement. The app allows you to take a screenshot, and host and join scheduled meetings. ShowMyPC also has a panel chat feature to share technical level conversations.On, you will be able to configure a proxy server and the private sector to improve security. You will also be able to change the properties of the default server installed on ShowMyPC by right-clicking the icon of TightVNC server, which will appear in the system tray. Generally, it is a free, easy-to-use application that makes sharing easy. Of course, not ShowMyPCs good look at the program, but it is very functional.For free, uncomplicated desktop sharing, give ShowMyPC go.

ShowMyPC 3055

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