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Subnautica Early Access Preview

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Subnautica Early Access Preview
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Subnautica sandbox or open world game that is very similar to classics like Minecraft or forest. The twist is that the adventure takes place on the ocean Foreign planeet.Je can download the game with a pair of format Access at the beginning, a kind of demo. Despite his being a “demo”, so to speak, you can download it for free.

At SeaSubnautica starts from the disaster: your ship crashes on an alien planet, covered by a vast ocean. You have no choice but to use the capsule shipwreck as a base, while the water in search of a possible rescue plan verkennen.Subnautica is a combination of Minecraft and forests. On the one hand, dive under the ocean in search of material for creating cuffs, oxygen tanks, and even a submarine. On the other hand, you need to look for food and arm themselves against the most aggressive fish in the object-creation system oceaan.Subnautica is more complicated than usual. It takes some time to get used to its adoption. In this sense, we missed something in tutorial.De impressive graphics, making it one of the strongest programs Subnautica costumes. You feel like you’re discovering a strange ocean full of strange fish. The media are full and diverse, encouraging deeper, despite all the dangers that come with it.

Discover the secrets OceanSubnautica way impressed. You want to build its first submarine. Do you want to explore the caves in search of minerals. Do you want to find out what the fish are hiding in the vicinity. Do you want to obtain to discover as much as possible for the rest of his wreck. Do you want to resist scattered bouwenAls so excited about the mysteries of the sea, make no mistake: Subnautica what you want.

Subnautica Early Access Preview

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